Best dateline episodes 2019

TV Schedule. Sign In. Dateline NBC —. Add Image S28, Ep1. Error: please try again. The murder of a woman sets off a chain of events, leaving one man dead, another man implicated and a diabolical scheme exposed.

Add Image S28, Ep2. Rarely seen private journals, home videos, and emails shed new light on the disappearance of Utah mother Susan Powell.

Add Image S28, Ep3. A double homicide in upstate New York leads detectives on a cross-country investigation to piece together a case with a surprising suspect at the center; the architect behind the murders is interviewed. Add Image S28, Ep4.

The 25 Best TV Episodes of 2019

The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico marks the start of a year hunt and the FBI begins an international game of cat and mouse to find the killer. Natalie Morales reports. Add Image S28, Ep5. Years after a Montana man is found dead, his son opens up a box of case files to find out what really happened.

Add Image S28, Ep6.

best dateline episodes 2019

A woman is found murdered in her car outside of her apartment. Solving this mystery would take not just years, but also involve at least one more murder, her boyfriend's twin brother. Add Image S28, Ep7. A California woman eludes police after both of her husbands are found murdered nearly 20 years apart. Until fate catches up with her.

Keith Morrison reports. Add Image S28, Ep8. Whitney Houston's best friend, Robyn Crawford, shares behind-the-scenes personal stories from Houston's three-decade career.

Add Image S28, Ep9. A Pennsylvania father has a premonition that he'll be murdered and the case will go unsolved. Weeks later, he is found stabbed to death. But would the case go unsolved? Add Image S28, Ep A nurse is murdered in what police say is a burglary gone wrong.

The case goes cold for over two decades, until a killer is identified the last person anyone would suspect. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

Ben Oxley is shot in the head in his own bed; no one else in the house was hurt, including his wife Melissa Oxley, who was sleeping beside him. The man, convicted of murdering California entrepreneur Chris Smith, speaks out. A Colorado woman vanishes. No crime scene. No evidence. No body.

The 25 Best TV Episodes of 2019

Would a dark secret about her marriage lead to clues that solve the mystery of her disappearance?TV Schedule. Sign In. Dateline NBC —. Year: Unknown. Add Image S28, Ep Error: please try again. After Lisa Ziegert is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, local detectives, state police and the FBI work relentlessly to find her and solve the case after decades. A glimpse of a sobbing woman lighting black candles is seared into a 9-year-old girl's memory.

Decades later, that girl reveals what she saw, reopening the investigation of the unsolved murder of an Iowa bartender.

best dateline episodes 2019

Keith Morrison reports. A Texas mother, Heidi Broussard, is abducted and murdered; one of her closest friends is charged with murder. Family members and the lead investigators, who cracked the Kelsey Berreth case, speak about the murder of Colorado mother Kelsey, whose disappearance made national headlines after she was last seen grocery shopping on Thanksgiving Where are the children? An investigation into the case of two missing Idaho children are making national headlines.

The trail leads Keith Morrison to Hawaii in search of their mother and her new husband. The Sepich family fights for both justice and to get the law on DNA collection changed. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Karl Karlsen's wife dies in a house fire. Then his prized horses die in a fire. And his son dies in an apparent accident. How can one man can be so unlucky?

Andrea Canning reports. A fugitive steals millions of dollars by conning numerous women and businesses over 25 years. Will law enforcement finally be able to catch him? A coroner arrives at the scene of a car accident to find his friend, Judy Orr Baldwin, deceased. He begins to think her death looks suspicious after he notices some unusual markings on her face. Was it an accident, or something far more sinister? Andrea Canning reportS.

Three siblings' lives change when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction. For the first time, they open up to Keith Morrison about their ordeal and its stunning conclusion. Brittany Stork's decades-long quest to find out more about her mother's mysterious death leads to a dramatic courtroom decision; the man at the center of the case tells his side of the story. When Dr. Teresa Sievers is found murdered in her kitchen, detectives struggle to find any leads until an unexpected tip changes everything.

For the first time on national TV, the woman who helped investigators speaks out.Within those years, Morrison has invigorated the entire genre of true crime. He took the photo with him and went on his way, but held onto the photo for years. This story shows the human side of war people so often forget about. But in case you missed those episodes, Morrison gave fans a gift last year. In several interviews over the past year, Morrison has made it clear that he never thought this is where his career would lead him.

But as the show shifted from more personal stories to a focus on true crime mysteries, Morrison found himself being forced to cover these crime stories he had no interest in. Thankfully, he stuck with it and ended up finding some aspects of the new job interesting and kept going with Dateline. Imagine if he left, because it would never be the same. While most true crime focuses on murder, Morrison gets to take on a kidnapping that thankfully has a happier ending than some.

A South Carolina teenager is kept in an underground bunker for a week. But using her wits, the teen outsmarts her capturer and makes her escape back to the outside world.

Even while being chained up and raped several times a day by her captor, Elizabeth Shoaf managed to gain his trust through personal communication that led to him giving her his cell phone thinking she would just play games on it. But she did so much more than that, and you need to listen to Morrison talk about the smart choices that saved her life. Morrison wants to get the truth for one simple reason: getting closure for the Smith family.

That right there tells us everything we need to know about Morrison as a person. Dateline airs Fridays on NBC at 9pm. Bethany is a recent graduate who dreams of making her own award-winning film, but for now writes about other media. Trending News. Share With:. Author Bethany Wade. No Comments. Leave A Comment Cancel Reply. Related Articles. Big Lurch: Swapping beats for bones to become a cannibal murderer. Hooking up on Grindr? Read this deranged killer cannibal story first.

Tobias Schneebaum: The man who dared to live with cannibals. Never miss your favorite show again! Sign up now!Not so in ! This time around, comedies and half-hour formats have gotten quite a bit of love from Paste editors and writers.

There are dramas and expensive miniseries represented here, of course. But some of the most innovative television has come in that 30 minute format, where experimentations in visual style and storytelling narratives have truly impressed.

Below are 25 of the best episodes ofvoted on by the Paste TV editors and writers, which represent our favorites—and not all are premieres or finales! Although we did limit the choices to one per series. Eligibility: Episodes had to air between January 1, and November 15, So no Mandalorianalthough we will find other ways to honor the overwhelming healing power of Baby Yoda elsewhere!

Writers: Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Chase being controlled by all of the so-called adults in the room when he, often, is the most grounded one is a recurring theme in the series.

But seriously, that apartment. The fallout from these storylines sees both main characters chastised for their expectations. They listen, they learn, and they always come back together.

But there was no sign yet of the amount of heart that the series would display by the time it was done. Andi Mack did it. It went there. It made history. Friends, they held hands. Writer: Marquita J. Robinson Director: Mark A.We are unabashedly huge fans of Dateline NBC. Dateline once again has our backs, as now, we can catch all of the best Dateline episodes in podcast form. There is something about plugging in those earbuds and letting our Dateline friends regale us with stories of twisted killers, families fighting for justice, and complete breakdowns of the wildest cases that we need the whole scoop on.

The infamous Lori Vallow episode did make it into podcast form, and it is equally as totally wild as the television version. Follow along as Keith Morrison digs into the crazy story of a mother who believes she is a goddess sent to savebelievers, and the efforts to find her missing children.

September 24th, Still have questions about how horrible Jeffrey Epstein really was? The completely unexpected story of the murder of Sherri Rasmussen, which was a cold case that sat on ice for over two decades, and was only solved when detectives looked right under their noses. This Dateline podcast episode is everything we love, justice, determined detectives, and a family that finally gets the closure they deserve.

The tangled web begins to unravel on this Dateline podcast episode. However, her quick thinking left clues leading investigators right to her murderer, a serial killer who was bound to strike again.

In a terrible accident, a woman falls over a cliff while hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park with her husband, on a surprise anniversary trip. Her husband frantically tries to keep her alive while making desperate calls to park rangers and family.

This Dateline podcast episode had us picking our jaws up off the floor. A former beauty queen, Michele MacNeill decided to have plastic surgery upon turning After raising 8 children with her husband of 30 years, it was time for her to do something for herself.

When she died in the bathtub a little over a week after the surgery, the autopsy report decided it was due to cardiovascular disease, but her daughter was certain there was more to the story. We do love a cold case, especially one where justice is finally served, this Dateline podcast totally delivers.

Young teacher Lisa Zeigert is abducted from her evening shift at a boutique gift shop in her small town, and it becomes all the area can talk about. While the FBI and police try to work through the flying accusations, a determined woman is certain she knows who the killer is.

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Beautiful and successful realtor Beverly Carter in Little Rock, Arkansas goes missing after showing a home to a new client, only leaving behind a voicemail to her husband urging him not to call the police.

We promise only to send you the most relevant news, contests, quizzes, and polls.The mass raids, to be conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are set to target roughly 2, families in major cities across the United States. Young photojournalist Denita Smith was a rising star at North Carolina Central University and loved by all who knew her.

But one day, something terrib. On a quiet morning in the small town of Quitman, Texas, a husband returns home to find his wife and stepson shot.

In FebruaryCornell University sophomore Charlie Tan needs to skip football practice and rush home. Charlie's emotional demeanor concerns his coach. A normal nightly ritual turns deadly when a husband finds his wife unconscious in the bathtub.

best dateline episodes 2019

As a top seller in Central Arkansas, real estate agent Beverly Carter is known around Little Rock for her infectious smile and sparkling personality. But is there a downside to her celebrity? On a warm September afternoon in Beverly leaves her office to show some new clients a house, and is never heard from again. Johnny Altinger sends out very strange emails to his friends in Edmonton, Canada saying he's skipped off to Costa Rica with a new girlfriend yet refuses to answer his cell phone.

The ensuing missing persons investigation leads detectives into a hall of mirrors where fact and fantasy merge. A former beauty queen turns 50 and decides to have plastic surgery. A decision that changes everything in her picture perfect life. Michael Peterson finds his wife, Kathleen, dead in their home at the bottom of the back staircase. Feature Dateline Full Episodes.

best dateline episodes 2019

Thousands to be targeted in immigration raids set for Sunday. Dateline Full Episodes. Top Stories. Nightly News.Episodes A former FBI agent is murdered at his house, and as police dig into his past, they begin to think the key to solving the mystery might be quite close to home. Josh Mankiewicz reports. A former foster child now in the home of her case worker, goes missing with a note saying she ran away. Dennis Murphy reports. Police are called to an Alabama residence, 11 minutes after the deputy leaves the house, another call is placed reporting a shooting at the residence.

Police suspect a serial killer when two women and their teenage daughters are murdered in Maryland; but then, a master thief turns out to be the key to solving the case. A Connecticut bank executive is targeted by criminals who force him to rob his own bank. A love triangle leads to years of stalking, property destruction, threats, and murder. Keith Morrison reports. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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